Start. Expand. Go Global.

Be Inspired Global, LLC is a small, family owned multimedia production company that was established in May 2018. Our goal is to help our partners produce high quality digital media content by using state-of-the art technologies, as well as offer advice on the best practices to achieve the desired result. The framework and motivation for the content we produce emphasizes faith, family and community. As our global influence and network continue to grow daily, we uphold the standard of our mission which is to help our clients to start, expand and go global with their brand and message. 

Naomi Burrell

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder

Naomi Burrell is an established professional with proven experience in both media and business. With a degree in business and a certification in Digital Entrepreneurship, Naomi is on the cutting-edge of the media consulting industry. As a result of her commitment to learning, she is a current Master's Degree Candidate at Strayer University, pursuing a Master's in Business Administration. She also serves as the Chief Media Office for Wisdom On The Wall, Inc., a non-profit organization that uplifts and empowers women all over the globe. Naomi was recognized by the Women In Business International and by Strayer University for her work as an entrepreneur. She is a published journalist, author and she has provided media/press coverage for major events across the U.S. 

Titus J. Burrell

Chief Content Officer (CCO)

Titus J. Burrell is a Towson University alum with a degree in Electronic Media and Film and a grad student at Johns Hopkins University. His passion and creative genius can be seen through his work. In fact, he has been awarded distinguished honors for several of his film projects and they have been featured in many film festivals, including the Howard University Film Festival where his film "Black in Blue" won the award for best narrative. Titus has also served as a film instructor at the Community College of Baltimore County.

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